International Youth and Disney Songs

After a long two month return to the motherland I returned to Japan with the family and headed straight out to do some weddings today. I felt a bit out of practice but a couple of reads of my script and a quick review with the organist and I was right back in the game. The first couple at the K Hotel were very sweet; they live in Shanghai and came back just for their wedding today (during Chinese New Year week in China). We chatted before the ceremony about their life in Shanghai and my thoughts on life in Tokyo versus America. The difference in manner between couples who have lived abroad and those who have one trip to Hawaii as their overseas experience..well, it was just so refreshing. Informed, curious and multilingual, this young bride and groom were very impressive. Is there hope for young Japanese folks amid all the media and gaijin-resident pessimism?

All the above made the afternoon wedding at the elite R club in Ebisu such a contrast. Very smiley couple but nervous and a bit in awe of my mid-level Japanese..they asked for a foreign pastor, did they think the ceremony would be in English? What did the wedding company tell them..? And the music selections for this wedding..well, Disney for the Bride’s entry, Disney for the B&G’s triumphant exit, then “A Whole New World” (the Aladdin song)  at volume “these go to 11” for the “flower shower”.

I’ve lived most of my adult life here and still find the Disney thing a mystery. How can anyone really think it’s “romantic”? Why don’t I get it? These people who pay me so much to work their wedding, would they be horrified if they knew my thoughts on their preferences? I would say about 75% of the venues I do weddings at now play Disney songs in one form or another. It’s still better than Celine Dion or Enya, but not by much. I guess because of the long break I was more aware of it than usual. But my god, I truly despise Disney tunes.

We all have moments in our work lives when it’s hard to continue, but we DO continue. I can only try and be the best wedding pastor I can be as the couples deserve no less. And to get the Disney out of my head I just have to crank up some B.B. King on the way home.

  1. I think my favorite ‘Disney songs that sound romantic but aren’t really appropriate for weddings’ are “Beauty and the Beast” and ‘Someday My Prince Will Come’ played after the ceremony has ended.

    • Jebediah
    • May 8th, 2012

    Do you work for TMC?

  2. No names, son. No names..

    • Jebediah
    • May 16th, 2012

    No names. Therefore, no real e-mail addresses either. Discretion, Boy, discretion.


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