My first Troller

Welcome to Jebediah, a new reader with a range of fascinating comments. I suspect he too is a man of the cloth..

    • Jebediah
    • May 16th, 2012

    Just getting your attention. You can delete or post my messages at will.

    I’m here to spread the TRUTH about the FAKE PRIEST racket. My stories, ruminations and anecdotes will be a true account of what goes on with all the fake priesting in Japan, without the usual “I’m a great FAKE PRIEST, really, it’s just that I no longer work as one, because, uh, uh, well, you know…”.

    Have been a FAKE PRIEST since 2004 and have worked for 4 companies.One outfit went bust so now I work for three. I have never been fired. Never been suspended. I am still working as a FAKE PRIEST. Every weekend. All over Japan.

    There are a number of on-line blogs and sites that deal with fake-priesting in Japan. This one seems to be the best so far and the most honest. I look forward to discussing the BOKUSHI WORLD with you people.


    • Jebediah
    • May 16th, 2012 has no action. Is the moderator asleep at the altar?

    John Wilks’s blog contains numerous errors and outright lies. Some FAKE PRIESTS are too full of themselves. It sounds to me like the guy got FIRED!

  1. Well, let’s hear it then. You say you are still working all over Japan for three companies. How about some details?

  2. Details? My word! I work for a big Chiba-based outfit and a runty outfit in Ibaraki and a non-descript joint out in the sticks of Tochigi. I stay in hotels every week-end. Small, cheap places.And you?

  3. What do you think of the guy who says that he does 3 to 4 weddings every week on WEEKDAYS?

  4. Jebediah :
    What do you think of the guy who says that he does 3 to 4 weddings every week on WEEKDAYS?

    Who said that?
    BTW, Pastorsinjapan is only 2 months old. Why should I fill it with pages and pages when I don’t yet have an audience and may never have one?
    I just started it to see what would happen with it. Had I made it to entertain you I would have consulted you first.

    What’s with all the hotel stays and the moving around? I go to the same place every weekend and it’s always pretty busy. Don’t have to worry about changing the routine depending on the location.
    Can’t you get a decent gig? Just doing dregs jobs all over the place that nobody else wants? Are you the lap dog for the company?
    Or is that the way you like it?

    Some of those ghost town hotels must be boring at night? What do you do to pass the time?

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