Why is it The Virgin Road?

I’m thinking I need to go back and make a glossary of all the wedding vocabulary used on this site. Some queries recently about why the blog is called “On The Virgin Road”. This is what they call the wedding aisle in Japanese-English. Pronounced “baa-jin roh-do”. I am not fully confident that many brides even know what it means. It’s all part of the fantasy though so why not let them call it what they wish?

  1. Good post! The proper term is “BRIDAL PATH”. Some idiot FAKE PRIESTS don’t know that!

  2. This is not true. It’s universally called “The Virgin Road”.

  3. Where is my comment, Boy?

  4. Your blatherings have become tiresome. If you provide a valid email address then perhaps I will allow your comments in without moderation. Until then, you are the weakest link..Good Bye!

  5. Bye! Deluded punk!

  6. Stay Holy, bitter, angry, Niigata-based “bokushi”. Come back when you would like to discuss things ni a nicer manner.

    • Dubliner’s-in-Shinjuku-The-place-for-Gaijin-Scumbags
    • May 27th, 2012


    • MrsDoyle
    • June 3rd, 2012

    @Jebediah, @mikebigisland – Christ, have ye guys seen Father Ted?

  7. Great show.

  8. How so?
    Though I don’t frequent the Dubliner’s in Shinjuku, I am sure there are some nice folks amidst the angry gaijin. Why so much anger, Jebediah? Weather is not nice in Niigata?

    • California bride
    • July 16th, 2012

    Omg this jebediah guy is CRAZY… Lol keep posting, it’s an interesting topic! Seriously if i were you i’d just ignore a troll like this.

  9. It’s part of the internet, nothing you can do. I’ve stopped posting for other reasons though, it seems word has spread to some wedding companies about my book project. I’ll beon hiatus for a bit till that blows over.

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